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A few mountain bike and design enthusiasts met to create an unique idea they had in their minds. After exploring new trends to change business and the whole company, the contours of their idea became much clearer. Breakthrough technologies such as individualisation, digitalisation and removing interfaces fascinated them. As everything developed, they shared their experience with a great number of technology and construction professionals. Many of their experiments failed, but they had to go on, not to give up. They learned, got more experienced and slowly approached their goal…



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We wanted to build something out of this world – an e-bike, a bicycle with an integrated battery and engine anyone would fall in love with at first sight. Every figure, weight and style would be customized for the journey the customer wants to take. It will be unique, with the finishing touches and configuration to be made by customers themselves. The idea became real with the aluminium powder 3D printing technology, rapidly evolving and enabling not only the manufacture of individual products, but also the print of designs that traditional methods could not have managed before. Innovative 3D printing technology optimises the active weight, geometry and various technical parameters with significantly lower time and cost and no long manufacturing delays.

Experts had thought that it would never work and in the beginning it really didn’t. But years of patient work, fixing bugs and continuous learning have produced a result – a design and unique engineering in the world of mountain e-bikes.


Designed, developed and produced in Slovakia. Small forces of Kinazo Design joining with the giant – Volkswagen Bratislava have created something new in the development and production of e-bikes- The dream has come true.

Kinazo e1 ENDURO eBike is the first electric bicycle of its type printed by Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) technology.


Kinazo e1 ENDURO e-bike is powered by efficient eDrive system containing optional variants of mid-drive 250 W BROSE motors Pedelec (up to 25 km/h) and S-Pedelec (up to 45 km/h) supported by BMZ batteries with 500Wh – 650Wh capacity.



Dimensions 213 x 150 x 128 mm
Weight 3,400 g
Motor type mid-drive motor
Nominal voltage 36 V
Rated continuous power 250 W
Assistance Pedelec up to 25 km/h
Assistance S-Pedelec up to 45 km/h
Pushing aid up to 6 km/h
Ingress protection rating IP56




Capacity 14.0 Ah
Charging contact Binder plug
Discharge contact Blade contact
Connector box no
Lockable yes
Support rail integrated
Weight approx. 2,940 g
Color black


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