Rock Machine’s Travel Adjustable Whizz with Modular Flip-Chip

Rock Machine’s Travel Adjustable Whizz with Modular Flip-Chip /


The Rock Machine brand new wild-looking ENDURO Whizz was dressed into sharp edgy and aggressive shapes by designers and engineers from KINAZO DESIGN Team.

Distinctive appearance of new WHIZZ stands out with its unique and unmistakable characteristic element – the split top tube with updated floating pivot suspension. Adjustable shock mount as tripple-modular Flip-Chip can be moved to fit different eye-to-eye shock lengths allowing the rear travel to be 140, 160 or 180mm.

The vision behind the Rock Machine project was to create a highly adjustable bike that could fit any rider on any trail. This goal was also confirmed by the recent success of young rider Adam Maxa, who won the U21 Men’s ENDURO WORLD CUP 2024 from Combloux.

This idea of modularity and adjustability extends to other parts of the bike with the concept featuring both internal and external cable routing. One of the next Rock Machine’s benefits includes easily removable rear dropouts that could be swapped to meet different standards, allowing for even more adjustability of the very special bike. Alongside the Enduro WHIZZ bike stands a very similar-looking eMTB version that shares many same components and uses the same travel adjustable setup what confirms the high modularity of the whole project.

Rock Machine together with KINAZO DESIGN has created a very special ENDURO machine which has confirmed the highest racing quality in the latest success on Mens‘ ENDURO WORLD CUP where the RM team rider Adam Maxa took first place as a champion between the best.



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